Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soup yourself

A Haiku to soup:

Soup.. comfort food, simple

warm and inviting rich broth

makes your tummy smile

So I had this cauliflower. And the Pioneer Woman had this recipe. So I had a dream of recreating her fabulous soup to round out a fabulous weekend. The cauliflower was perfect and local - straight from Millard's farm via the Farmer's Market. While I had the majority of the ingredients, I was lacking onion, parsley, and half and half. Off to the store went Scotty.

chicken broth - check, cauliflower - check, soup tureen- double check.

Up the ladder went Scotty to retrieve my soup tureen. I'd never used it before, somehow it seemed too precious. I bought it from the estate of my dear friend's mother, Miss Dot. Miss Dot out-Martha-ed Martha with her complex and unbeliveable holiday meals. There would always be at least three or four soups, served in beautiful tureens. After she died, I felt so lucky to get one of her tureens.

While getting the tureen, he realized that the shelf it was sitting on was precariously teetering on a broken peg. Back to the store went Scott to get new pegs AND more butter. He not only fixed the shelf, but re-organized too. I should make soup more often.

The soup was really good, and it looked good too. Miss Dot would be proud.


Zay said...

I had to look up soup tureen because I had no clue what one was. :) Now I'm in the know.

Marcy said...

mmmmm soup. Making soup often is good!

Mary T said...

I will happily fix a shelf in exchange for soup, if you're ever inviting the public. I would like to admire Ms Dot's tureen, as well. Have you ever been to a restaurant supply store? I want to go to one. Also, three cheers for Scotty! Going to the store is the worst part of any cooking experience.