Thursday, January 29, 2009

Purple Day

Purple is the order of the day for Imposter Color Week, organized by none other than Miss Mary T. While not an official purple lover, it has begun to win me over, little by little. When I was in preschool, we had a pink and purple party. I never considered how the boys might have felt about that, but for me, it was a party to remember. In middle school, my sister was a bona fide purple fan. There was a kiosk in the RiverCenter mall in San Antonio devoted to all things purple and she would always want to spend time in there when we would visit our San Antonio relatives. Reesie looks pretty darn cute in purple (and polka dots too) so I snapped her picture, along with some new growth on my rose bush, a piece of purple fabric from my great grandmother's doorstop, and a slightly blurry shot of Jingo and his stolen purple toy. For more color week photos, check out Mary T., Sonnie, and Chrissy's cool posts.

Jingo and the purple toy he stole from the Cox kids.

Lovely new growth on my roses. Too bad I'm going to prune them in February.

My Aunt gave me this super cool doorstop made by my great grandmother.

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