Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What does it take...

To get outta town?

How about -
2 wheelchairs
1 wheelchair lift
1 high chair
1 pack n play
120 diapers
2 coolers
1 57 gallon tub full of dry goods
4 suitcases
2 laptops
4 GI joes
1 airsoft gun
2 dogs
1 5x8 U-haul

Whew! Good thing we are getting away from it all!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week (end) wrap up

It just seems like summer is flying by, and there isn't enough time to swim, sleep and eat watermelon with pals. Make no mistake, I'm trying to make the most of long days and time off.
To that end, I'm heading northward to work on some dissertation research today. Colder climes, here I come!

Last week I got to meet a new friend who discovered my blog during her re-location to Nac efforts. She and her daughter (and husband, I'm sure, although I didn't get to meet him) are super cool. I hope she'll take part in our renagade crafting sessions. She's already scoped out Morning Glory, got a library card and joined the CSA. What more can I say? Welcome!