Thursday, April 10, 2008

Knights of the Roundtable

I've been thinking a lot about local food and food-ways lately, and I've been wondering why we don't have restaurants like the Columbia Roundtable that I wrote about a couple of days ago.

From the very un-scientific research I've done, it seems like these places are only found in Mississippi. There is one in Vicksburg, McComb, and of course Columbia.
We barely put a dent in it...

The best fried chicken I've ever eaten...

Sweetie pie

I've heard tell of a new restaurant here in Nacogdoches that serves good, locally grown home-cooking. I'm pretty excited to try it before it catches on and get too popular. Unfortunately for me, it is only open M-F 11 -2.

In the meantime, I plan to attend the Quantity Foods luncheon being made by our SFA hospitality students next week. Next week's theme is local food and 100% of the meal is going to come from locally produced fruits, veggies and Bellebrook farm organic beef. For $10 diners will be treated to locally grown epicurian delights. The luncheon will be held Thursday, April 17 and starts at 11:30. Let me know if you are interested in getting a ticket to this super-cool event.


Well, the SFASU School of Art has made a fantastic decision! They decided to hire our good neighbor (and husband of fellow crafter, Michelle) Neal Cox for a tenure track position! That means that us crafty folks will get to keep Michelle in our group and it also means that the art students at SFA will have a great faculty member.

Check out Michelle's store - she is doing some AWESOME things, especially for little ones!


Monday, April 7, 2008

March Madness

What happened to March?

The month just flew by and I had every intention of at least blogging once, but you know about good intentions, right?

March was a whirlwind of babies, trips, and Easter bunnies galore. All in all it was a fun (and busy) month. Some highlights:

Welcoming Baby Ava Raye! It was fun getting to know my new neice and hanging out with my 20 month old neice Annabelle. I think my sister and her family are getting adjusted to being back in China after being in the states 6 weeks, but we miss them!

Eating our way through the south:

For spring break, we headed for Hattiesburg, MS to see Scott's grandmother. We took the scenic route through New Orleans so we could take in the National WWII museum. Wow! It was pretty incredible and 3 hours + wasn't near long enough. The day we were there, Anne Frank's step-sister was speaking. I think we all learned a lot and had a great time too.

While Scott and Nick had definite ideas about what they wanted to do, so did I. My main goal was to eat my way through the south. Using the fab website "Roadfood" as a guide we hit some fantastic places.

We started in Natchitoches at Lasyones. This small joint is known for their meat pies but the Red beans and rice aren't too shabby, either.

We stayed in Lafayette and I really fell in love with this cajun community. The night we were there, they were having an artwalk downtown and live music too. We gorged on "plate lunch" specials at Dwyer's cafe, then headed to this super-cool Borden's for ice cream sundaes (me) and double dips (Scott and Nick). That evening we scoped out Breakfast options and settled on Keller's Bakery. Wow! I'm still thinking about the sweet potato hand pies that I had, and I know the boys loved their cream puffs, elcairs and blueberry hand pies too. We washed it down with MelloJoy coffee. A smooth coffee blend exclusive to Lafayette. I'm still sad we didn't get more to bring home, since you can only get it in Lafayette.

We didn't really get to eat in New Orleans. I wanted to check out the ultra-touristy Cafe Du Monde, but the thought of finding a (close) parking spot and navigating downtown was too much for me.

In Mississippi we ate at the most exceptional restaurant - The Columbia Roundtable. This place was really unbelievable..It featured large round tables that sat 20 or more, with a huge lazy susan in the middle. The food just kept coming - fried chicken, spare ribs, beef stroganoff, shrimp, field peas, mashed potatos, sweet potatos, lima beans, beets, corn, coleslaw, greens, baked beans, mac and cheese...and then dessert- chocolate cake, banana pudding, coconut pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie, buttermilk pie, lemon pie, and gallons and gallons of tea.

We somehow made it home in a food-induced stupor...of course I'm paying mightily for it now, but boy was it fun!