Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet Ava Raye

Here is my beautiful new niece! Mom and baby are doing great. She was 7 lbs, 5 oz and 21 inches

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend recap

Seems like I am finally just now catching my breath after a whirlwind weekend. Friday night was a blur of good music and seeing good friends at the Pineknot Music Co-ops 7th Anniversary Party. It was great seeing old friends Grey DeLisle and her hubby Murry Hammond, but the best part was meeting Mr. Jefferson Texas Hammond (Tex) 1 year old son of the afformentioned DeLisle-Hammond family. Tex is a cutie pie, and Rees couldn't get enough of him or Murry's harmonium. She finally conked out during Social Bliss.

Saturday we got up early and headed with my dad to Austin to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday. Rees took in her first UT basketball game (she loved it!) and we had a nice walk through the campus afterward. That night we had dinner with my dad's brother, sister and their families then headed northward to spend the night with our pals A & P.

There are some people in this world that are truly top notch, and A & P are in that category. We've been friends for 15 years and its one of those deals where we may not talk for a while then slip right back where we left off...P made yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday and we all went to University Chrisitan Church (where Scott and I married). The music was beautiful, the sermon inspring, but Rees wasn't up to being quiet for an hour.

Afterwards we made a quick stop back at the aunt and uncle's then headed north to IKEA. IKEA on a Sunday afternoon makes rollerderby look tame - especially when you are with an 80 year old and a near 7 month old. Dad made a pretty good haul- i think we ended up with a package of napkins.

It was good to be back home Sunday night but the morning came way way too early.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


On her most excellent blog today, my pal Chrissy asked what "brillant nuggets" her readers have discovered. Well - today my students got me hooked up with Facebook.

I have to say, I may be addicted. Finding friends on Facebook is so much easier than myspace. Plus, within 10 minutes several folks had already confirmed my friend request. Including the sister of an old BF and the Provost of the university. Wild.

I've been a bachelorette this week. I am ready for S to come home. The Snapper's been great, but I am not cut out for single-mom-ness. I'm not so sure how my sister does it. She's here in the states, waiting to have her baby while my brother-in-law is still in China. It's esp. tough because she has a little cutie knocking on the door of the terrible twos.

Although I've got tons of work to do tonight, Ithink I'll try to snazz up my facebook profile.. uh-oh.. this could be the beginning of a major time waster.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Odds and Ends

Whew, its been a long week! Thankfully, my dad came home from the hospital yesterday. The infection was NOT in the bone, and they have sent him home with some new medicene. Hard to believe a week ago we were in ICU, wondering how things would turn out.

Today is February 1 - important for several reasons. First, it is the 5th anniversary of the Columbia accident. I'll never forget that morning when Nacogdoches was unfortunately thrust into the national spotlight. We heard the terriffic boom, and then several minutes later, our good friend Miss L called to tell us what happened. She has written a beautiful tribute to the astrounauts.

The second important thing about today is that it is the beginning of American Heart Month. Today was National Wear Red day. I made Scotty wear red too, and talk to his classes about keeping your heart healthy. It was probably lost on most of them, but it is a topic near and dear to my - uh- heart. My maternal grandmother died at the young age of 68 from heart disease, Scott's paternal grandfather and father both died from heart related illnesses and of course, my dad has had heart diesase since 1980. I applaud my pals who are shaping up for a 5K and taking better care of their tickers than I am. I hope I can get in on some excercise myself this month. I just realized this week that since I am technically a student at SFA, I get a "free" membership to the Campus rec center. Woo-hooo!