Monday, January 26, 2009

Red-dy for the week

Mary T. has coordinated color week for us. Expect a colorful post each day. Today's color is red. While my kitchen is primarily pink, I think it secretly wants to be red.

We bought this bib for Rees before we even knew she was coming!

This little guy is both a bit scary and jolly.

Did you know that Scott and Nick collect "rare" candy? Now you do!


Mary T said...

Do they eat it ever or does it get rarer while it get staler? Yay color week!

Anonymous said...

We eat a little and save the rest - because it's "rare".... we really are more candy collectors rather than eaters. Eventually, we'll toss the old, old candy. This frees up more space for new candies.

Our preference is for small and regional candy companies. Candy tourism!

-Scotty Scotty 2x4