Monday, March 3, 2008

Candy Man Can

Okay, so I am pitchng for *another* school fundraiser. But you were gonna buy a chocolate Easter bunny anyway, right. And these guys are guaranteed SOLID silky chocolate. None of that hollow chalky stuff you might find at say a big box retailer. The best part is, they are only $5 . I know this is a little more than you would pay at say, the Dollar Tree, but all the proceeds go to making life better for folks over at Raguet Elementary. I can hook you up, but it has to be TODAY - I'll even front the $5 and deliver them right to your door on March 19th. How can such good service be combined with such a high quality product, you might ask? I've got my own 10 year old CandyMan.. don't say I didn't ever give you a hot tip on a sweet deal!
One last thing.. check out how the bunnies are wringing their hands imploring you to buy them so you can chomp their satiny ears off.. YUM!